Most of the time I feel like an accidental artist.  My love for photography led me to so many experiences, from social shots for a local magazine, to covering many events for numerous entities.  I’ve had photos published in all genre of magazines, newspapers and promotional material; locally, nationally, and internationally. I decided to produce a book, which led to another book.  The photography morphed from photojournalism to artistic.  My first solo show was “Vanishing Middle America”.

Along the way I took a fabric class, which has taken me in a totally different direction; abstracts after the realism of photos was just fun.  I was primarily a black and white film photography, where each shot was planned out carefully, not like digital, but the perfect first shot, there wouldn’t be time for anymore takes.  For a while my fabric followed the same route, one take, in black and white.  And then I found color, my pieces although small, use lots of different colors and give me new appreciation for my new found art.  I continue to experiment and have fun.

One of my passions is southwest art.  I fell in love with it when we began visiting New Mexico more than a decade ago.  The influence is noticed in many of my pieces.  It is where I experience spiritual immersion and is the basis of lot of my creation.